Russian IP addresses blocked?

It seems that the freecodecamp forum has blocked access from Russian IP addresses. Can someone please confirm whether this is true and if so, why. The regular freecodecamp website is not blocked.

I’m an American expat living here in Russia and I’ve got my daughter working her way through the program and the “Get a Hint” functionality is therefore, blocked without a VPN. Thanks!

We’re not deliberately blocking all Russian IPs. When we have spammers, we will usually block their IP addresses and that can sometimes have unintended consequences. If you add a “flag” to your post and choose “Something Else” it creates a private thread for you and the moderators so that we can follow up on this. We definitely don’t want to block real campers from using our community, no matter where they live.

Edit to add: I just checked and I know that we have had users create accounts from IP addresses in Moscow, so at least we’re not blocking a whole country.

@postzavtra In order to access Freecodecamp Forum, The best way to unblock that content is to use a VPN. It provides a viable solution for unblocking geo-restricted content with fast speed connection and secures your internet security. Below a list of the top 5 VPN providers with reviews.


I guess you need to start from the basics. I faced the same problem about a month ago not only with freecodecamp but with many other forums. I live in USA but currently I’m in London for some work and here VPNs are not easy to access I googled and found a guide that took me from basic to advance steps which really solved my problem. Try this guide it surely will be helpful to you.
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