Best way to include the same head across multiple pages

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There is probably a js or jquery way, but I would probably try using some php. I noticed that you are preforming searches and have an index.php file, which suggests that you may already be using php to some degree., which means the following might not be too useful.

However, there is a series on youtube that walks you through building a php enhanced website ( It is probably in part 4 or 5 when he starts talking about PHP and such (the first few parts walk you through setting up your dev server).

The project that is built during the video loads content from different files and I believe (it has been a while since I viewed it) talks a little about mysql…but I’m not certain on the last part.

Note that in the video there are some techniques used that may not be best practices, but I think that it might be helpful in terms of getting your head around a way to accomplish what I think you would like to do.

It’s been a long time since I last touched PHP, so the syntax may have changed, but I think what you want to look into is server side includes.

They look kinda like: <? include someFile.php ?>

Where the included file contains all that boilerplate you wanna use.