Include file or template?

After many years and completing the great Html and Css course on freecodecamp I am trying again to make some webpages.
I want a repeating header and menu on all the pages (I will need a lot of pages). Of course I could save this as a text template and use it again and again. But what if something changes? Do I have to change all my pages if for example I add something to the menu?
Thanks for your help!

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Hi @igenjanneke. This can be easily achieved using PHP or jQuery.

Using PHP:

  • Create a header.html file.
  • Now create a index.php file which contains main content.
  • In the index.php file, place <?php include 'header.html' ?>
  • Now visit the index.php file via your localhost and check if it works or not.
  • If you want to edit the header, you can edit the header.html file and then it will be updated everywhere.

Using jQuery:

Note that if you’re doing this with PHP, you need a local server (XAMPP, MAMPP, etc.) as PHP is a server side language.

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Thank you so much for your quick reaction. This is what I used many years ago, but I was not sure if it was still the way to do it.

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that doesn’t necessarily work, php is a server side language


I meant check it via his localhost server.

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