Beta DSA JavaScript Cert Course Record incorrect

fCC Beta DSA JavaScript Cert Course

Building a Music Player only 94% complete!

Learn localStorage by Building a ToDo App 98% complete!

yet I have screen images of these being 100% completed!


Why has freeCodeCamp incorrectly recorded my progress?
How can this be rectified?
or do I have to complete the final parts of the tasks again?

This happened to me too. Then I noticed that there are new steps in these two, so the best thing is to resume progress in each of them

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This is a beta course, so they are expanding and improving it regularly, if you have completed it once then this will be no problem.

While the course is still in beta, it’s still recieving significant updates. Lessons are occassionally being added, removed, or relocated. This means that your progress can look a bit wonky now and then.