Beta Landing Page - Feedback Appreciated

I finished my Landing page, between a lack of creativity for the content and probably a need for a lot more design practice I think it’s a little too blah overall. I thought about trying to add some color here and there but it honestly made it feel worse so I stuck with greyscale.

I probably could have spent a few more hours honing in the design but I honestly didn’t know where to go from here maybe a nice geometric svg background. Definitely some color, just not sure which, I tried playing with colors from the Raspberry Pi logo but I wasn’t liking what I came up with.

Here is the project.

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Yours looks great. Its similar to how i wanted to structure mine with text on one side and pic on the other and then flip on the next div. But my pictures dont want to resize. Can you help? The pic in the second div is refusing to resize. I want the size of the second div to match the size of the first

So basically what I’d do if I was going to keep with flexbox is set the flex-basis of the image containers to a % and then set the actual image width to 100% and you should get the desired results.

I’d read up on flex-box a bit more, I’ve visited this page more times than I can count. And this explains a pretty common gotcha I encountered when I was first learning.

Also you don’t need to use float when using flexbox, that’s kind of the point lol. I cleaned up your css and html a bit here to show you what I mean.