Bootcamp in Amsterdam. Does it worth?

Hi guys I am seriously trying to get into Front End Developing. I have been looking a while for a decent bootcamp and I came by Codaisseur in Amsterdam. The first reason why I want to participate a bootcamp is learning a lot and the certificate of course. But what I can see is that most of the reviews on internet about bootcamps are the classic “fake ones” where everyone is happy. So does anyone has knowledge about Codaisseur (I am thinking to enroll if I pass the interview) ? Or if you have any experience with other bootcamp which has helped you to get a job in the field.
Note: Please do not share links about bootcamp that you run or work for and write classic copy paste advertisment text under this topic.

I am generally negative to bootcamps. They are teaching you things, obviously. But It’s mostly about having a good time and networking. The things that you are going to learn from a bootcamp -any bootcamp- is not enough to apply for a job.


Teşekkürler Yiğit. Yeah I am quite aware that I can learn online ( And I am learning online through udemy, youtube, freeCodeCamp etc) but I think they can help me about networking, since there must be decent ones who can help about finding a job later. So I hope someone has a real experience and can share with us :slight_smile: