Bootsrap Carousel slide doesn't resize properly and gets hidden under my Navbar, It looks worse on mobile devices. HELP

Hi guys its SooMitt. I joined Free Code Camp very recently, so I am what you might describe as a Noob. I finished my tribute page challenge on CodePen, and now I am working on my Personal Portfolio (Zipline) challenge. Here is the link: .

I looked around a bit and I just couldn’t figure out what was happening with Carousel slide. It looks fine when looked at on full screen laptop browser. However on my iPhone the carousel doesn’t resize properly. Help would be appreciated.

On a side note: I embedded a YouTube video on my page, it appears on the laptop browser. It doesn’t on the phone browser. Please help me out.

Apply margin-top as needed.

Hi @soomitt, I noticed yesterday that your post was staying unanswered - I tried to have a quick look but it was already late and I wasn’t exactly fresh…

Have you found a solution? If not, come back !

Hi @timotheap Thanks for responding. I tried the applying the ‘margin-top’ as mentioned by @waqarHocain to carousel however, I didn’t notice any changes. When I resize the browser the carousel still gets smaller, even the headline titles gets hidden under the toggled navbar. It still looks the same on the phone as well.

I realise you don’t use the bootstrap grid at all… it would help a lot having responsive content when you downsize your page, but I don’t know if it would solve your problem…

I’ll still try to look around to see if there is a solution. I appreciate your feedback though, thank you very much. I did put in all the user-story elements required from the challenge to that portfolio, so I guess I can save this for later.

Definitely ! Besides my using the Grid all the time isn’t the best idea because you have also Flexbox. Anyway congratulations on your Portfolio ! Good luck with the rest and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful (I would have re-built everything more or less piece by piece to see where it went wrong although I’m sure somebody more experience would know right away).