Bootstrap column won't center


Could someone look at my codepen and see why my boostrap column wont center?
If I do text-center class it centers the text, but the bullet points stay on the left.



li {
   text-align: center;

to your css

To get the bullet points themselves centred with the text, you will need to add the code JohnnyBizzel put above but also:

list-style-position: inside;

This is what actually moves the points from outside (at the edge of the page) to inside (with the text)

I have added that, but now I can’t get my div to move over?
I didn’t want to use margins or anything like that, was trying to do it with the bootstrap classes, but for some reason none of it is working? - I have Boostrap4 enabled on CodePen too.

I think it looks fine the way it is apart from the “website” link which is not accessibility compliant.
Can you somehow indicate which div needs to move over?