Codepen is giving me trouble with Bootstrap

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Hello, I’m trying the tribute page at the moment. The trouble it’s giving me is that text-center class doesn’t work on Quick Add Option(BootStrap 4 and Boostrap 3) when I use it on the headings inside other divs. It only worked when I copied and used Bootstrap version 3.3.5 link from the example tribute project on Codepen.

I mean is that normal? If so, I think they should mention the exact version to use.
And the big question is, why don’t text-center works when using bootstrap 4 and 3.

My Pen :

EDIT: Actually, it works! My firefox Browser was the problem. Lately giving security errors with all websites. Could be an extension problem too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Quick-adding Bootstrap 3 should work as intended.

The Bootstrap 4 layout system works a bit differently, so there’s no apparent centering on the headings. If you changed the column’s class name to a valid one you should see the headings center.

Thanks! Although Bootstrap 3 option didn’t help. jumbotron, text-center, text-primary didn’t work with Bootstrap 3

Can you show the code that doesn’t work? Because as far as I know there isn’t much of difference between the version that you added and the quick-add version.

yes. The link to my code is above on the original post. You could try both Bootstrap 3 and 4! Thanks

I just tried quick-adding Bootstrap 3 and it works fine. As for version 4, I already said what needs to change in the code for it to work.

Ah. I guess it must be my browser Firefox then. Lately, it’s giving me a secure connection error with all major websites even FCC and Codepen. I don’t know why is that! So I guess, the link to those Bootstrap was blocked too and that’s why it didn’t work. Or am I wrong? I’m confused!

Maybe you have an extension or setting that’s blocking the Bootstrap link? I’m using Firefox too and I don’t have the same problem, so those come to mind.

Yes. It works perfectly fine in Chrome. Could be the ublock origin extension that was giving me problem. Thanks man! It was silly of me