Bootstrap crash

This seems like a dumb question, but if bootstrap website crashes or changes to it’s contents were to happen would my website created using bootstrap crash also?

If bootstrap website crashes, then the bootstrap classes used on your website will not work correctly. But don’t worry, it’s not going to happen with the bootstrap website.

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If you link bootstrap though the remote url the bootstrap data is not provided by the bootstrap servers but by the CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN is a highly redundant network with nodes distributed all around the globe. It’s very unlikely that the entire network goes down.
The release of a new version doesn’t present any problem, since you specify the version you want to use in the url, on the CDN all versions are normally available.

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Thanks for the fast replies ! I got it, so technically it will also crash, but the chances are very slim.

Correct. The chances are that if the CDN is not working properly all the internet is already broken, at that point humanity will be facing a hard time, and we will be probably not so concerned with your website but with all the things surrounding us stop functioning. :upside_down_face: