Bootstrap image via Url


I need help.

Why cant I see any image on my codepen website ?


The syntax is okay in my opinion.

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Can you post a link to your actual website using this CSS?

Have you tried a different wallpaper?

Yes it appears for a second and then disappears again.
Dont know why

Using one of my wallpapers, works fine :smiley:

I believe your wallpaper was using http not https

The background I see in your Codepen is:

and that is different than the one originally posted in your code at the top:

The reason the one currently in your Codepen will not display is because of the http:// prefix. Codepen uses https:// prefix and most browsers do not allow display of unsecure (http://) content on a page using https.

The second photo is not displaying, is probably because does not allow hot-linking to their images and instead displays nothing or attempts to redirect to another page.

Good catch on the redirect. I didn’t notice it for some reason.