Bootstrap Messing up Simon Board

So Im trying to use bootstrap, but if I do my Simon board gets completely wonky looking as SOON as I add it, I’ve even tried older versions of bootstrap with no luck.

Here is my codepen:

I originally had the “panels” as panel class and thought it might be using the bootstrap panel class but I changed that to something else and had no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks

Bootstrap also styles <button>'s.

Ah duh, is there any way to…unstyle them ha? or at least make them work how I want them to.

I guess the easiest solution is to use divs instead of buttons. You could also try to figure out which properties Boostrap sets and undo them.

Hmmm I gave that a shot too without any luck. Also unfortunately im “enabling and disabling” the buttons during the computer simons play so it makes it of course code-wise convenient if they are buttons

You could use a variable allow_input that you set to false when you disable the button and to true when you enable the button. In your event handler you can use something like this:

  return false;