Bootstrap buttons are transparent and unclickable

Hey everyone! Working on the personal portfolio page. I have some bootstrap buttons below my name, but for some reason they are transparent and unclickable. I’m worried it may have something to do with the translucent background that I applied to the title page, but I thought that it wouldn’t affect text or buttons since I put the background into it’s own div element.

Also I want to put the buttons into a “row” bootstrap class but when I apply the row class to the parent div, the padding I applied to the buttons disappears.

Link to my codepen is below. Any help at all is very much appreciated!

Your background is overlaying the buttons.

add z-index: 1; to your .title-page .tp-txt selector. Also make sure to remove z-index: 1; from your .title-page .tp-bg selector.

Already tested it so this should work for you. :slight_smile:

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