How to fix transparent collapse button.?

So as you can see in the screenshot, my collapse button is working but it’s transparent. can’t see it -_-
Any idea on how to fix it ???
Here is my pen:

I’m super new, so definitely not an expert, but I think it has to do with the css for your navbar classes. Can you add a link to the codepen so we can see the code?

sure thing. i just added the pen to the question.

yeah just add the class .navbar-toggle to the css and put background:white;

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thanks dude. actually all the time i was changing only the css color that’s why it was not working. and now it is. thanks for the help.

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Cool man, glad I could help!

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hey dude. i just realised that if i change the background color of the icon bar class itself then it won’t change the background color of the whole button. so i did that and now its coloured line by line. :slight_smile:
again thanks for the background idea :wink: