Bootstrap navbar - collapsing but no list when clicked

After much research, I’m still not seeing why the code below isn’t allowing the list to appear when I click.

Would be grateful for some guidance!

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Add jQuery and Bootstrap js files in the Settings

I have bootstrap and jQuery added in settings via “quick-add”. Still no dice :pensive:

Also tried adding a link in the head and still got the same result.

bootstrap has to go after the jquery


Worked…thanks! :slight_smile:

Frustrating to say the least. Worked last night but now it is not. Navbar is still collapsing but does not drop down when clicked. I have the following loaded up in codepen…

External CSS via “Pen Settings”:

External JS via “Pen Settings”:

bootstrap.min.js should be loaded in the JS Pen settings, not the CSS one.

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I see…thanks for the tip.

Hi there,

I added following external links to pen. Although toggle property has worked the collapsed property did not work so I can not create collapse bootstrap navbar. Your help required. Thanks too much.