Navbar collapsed button not reacting


Hitting my head against this, I can’t seem to get the collapsed navbar to work.
It collapses fine, but when you click the button, I’m expecting a drop down list that displays the options in my list.
What am I missing / doing incorrectly? I’d love any guidance / feedback.

CodePen Link

Hi :slight_smile: You forgot to add jQuery and Bootstrap libraries in your external Javascript plugins. Bootstrap requires jQuery to work, and the data-toggle attribute only works if jQuery is enabled :slight_smile:

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That gets me on the right track, Thank you!

Glad to help :slight_smile:

So, I enabled jquery / bootstrap libraries in javascript.
But it still wasn’t working. So I gave up for a little bit and am back to hitting my head against it.

Did I not enable these correctly? or is no there now something else I’m missing…?
(I click settings
then javascript
then under quick-add I select both:

For anyone wondering, I think it was the order that i had bootstrap / jquery added in the javascript settings.
I changed it so that jQuery was first, then bootstrap.

Now it’s working.


I had exacly the same problem in the past :smiley:

Easiest fixes cause the most headache =)
I re-wrote the entire code, then was going to remove jquery/bootstrap and realized the example I was mirroring had them loaded different.

Had the same issue with jQuery/Javascript in the wrong order. Thanks for posting the fix :slight_smile: Definitely saved me some frustration.