Navbar toggling issues

Hi there all!
i’m trying to finish the portfolio project but i can’t figure out why my toggle button won’t work when it’s in collapsed mode.
here is my pen:

Please help (I’m stuck with it for more than a week now… :sob:)

Hey there,

Nice portfolio, the data-target attribute is missing a # in the button element. Check your scripts as well you’re loading bootstrap.min.js before jQuery and that’s not gonna work and you will run into errors because bootstrap requires jQuery.

  <button class="navbar-toggler"  type="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#navbar">

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Hi @akvilio, in the Settings on CodePen, there is a JavaScript tab. make sure the jQuery is added first on the top before Bootstrap.

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You have no idea how frustrated i became with this… and as allways the solution was so simple… =)

@afaisalsahar and @alecaceaes You are the best!!!