Bootstrap not working properly

I’ ve been playing around with HTML and bootstrap recently on codepen. I’ve built a simple website however when I shrink down the page or open it open on mobile the fourth page covers the third.

If anyone could point out my mistake I would greatly appreciate it.

That’s because of


You set a fixed height but the content is longer than that when you shrink the page so it overflows. Remove that line and you’ll be fine. Do not set heights to container elements unless there is a reason to do so. And in this particular case you don’t need it, unless I am missing something.

Ah man TheGallery beat me. I spent ages going through it.

To add. All your pages have height specifications so it can’t shrink properly. Typically with bootstrap you want a container class around the entire page too. Your images could also have the .img-fluid class added to make them responsive.

It looks good though man! I’m guessing you put the heights in right at the start to give yourself an idea of what it would like like before content?