My Portfolio Page, overlapping containers?

So, I coded this page

But for some reason, all the containers are overlapping, thus looking like 100% shit on mobile.
Does anyone have a clue why that is the case?

Side note; Is there a cleaner way to code this? Felt like coding spaghetti :<.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

You can start by giving the .panel class a min-height: 100vh instead of height: 100vh;

And you are not using the bootstrap grid correctly. Bootstrap has a girt system based on a 12 column layout. And the class col is not a bootstrap class you should use col-md-6 or col-md-12.
You can read more about the bootstrap grid here:

Bootstrap Grid

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Thx for min 100vh, ill try that, - “col” is a class, I’m using bootstrap4, for example - using “col” twice equals col-xs-6*2

Omfg you solved my problem I was having for 4 days - I love you <3

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