Bootstrap problems

Hey guys,
can someone explain to me why my bootstrap buttons are moved to the left? I don’t see the reason.

Not exactly sure what is wrong here. Do you mean that the text is closer to the minus button than the plus button? If so using CSS flex could be helpful for getting the spacing right. If not please let us know more specifically what is wrong.

The Problem was, that my buttons where moved to the right side of there boxes for no reason. I didn’t define a margin-left or a padding-left value for them so i was really confused, but i solved my problem. I defined distances between my buttons an their boxes. I set the padding value of their boxes to 0 and set a margin-left / -right value for my buttons. It still confuses me why i couldn’t apply a margin-right property to my buttons. It seemed like i defined a invisible margin-left value for all my buttons.