Bootstrap text colors / buttons for convenience?


I just want to be sure I understand. Are the bootstrap text colors, text-primary etc. and the button classes mostly for convenience or are there functional reasons I should use those other my own color classes etc.?

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You may use whatever colors you want into your own projects. BS have some default colors, so if you still wanna use bs then you must override the the bs defaults.

Tip: If you are not using too many BS classes in your project i would say not using it at all and do all css by yourself. its a pain in the ass to more override css code then write a new one.

I think even though bootstrap colors are very handy and easy to apply, her color options are limited. So, you can apply your own customize colors with css.

Just for convenience.

.text-danger {
    color: #a94442;

You don’t have to use them, you can define your own class.

Their utility comes when you’re a team of many developers, working in different teams or groups, and you want the end product to look CONSISTENT, the same regardless of who coded it. You don’t want each person or each group creating their own color scheme styling each app or page.

PS: Bootstrap originated from Twitter. It’s used internally in a lot of their applications.

@owel take a look at tailwindcss and you will see you can get consistent css even not using bs

I think you misunderstood my post or I didn’t explain myself clearly.

Both tailwind and BS are frameworks.

That’s the utility of a framework… different people using the same framework gets the same result.

I don’t mean that BS is the only thing that can deliver consistent results.

@owel tailwindcss its not a an ui framework as bs. go read their docs and you will see what i’m talking about

Read my post again.

I said:

and tailwind said:

I think you’re contradicting what the tailwind site says.

Okay thank you all. Why was Bootstrap 3 chosen for FCC lessons, is it the most widely used? If I were to learn more about Bootstrap would it be better to learn Bootstrap 4 as it seems all the classes we learn in the FCC lessons are changed in Bootstrap 4.

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lol. i said “tailwindcss its NOT an UI framework as bs”

If I remember right, BS4 was in beta for a very long time, with no clear timeline when it will be released. Most companies would not use beta versions for their production website, so I guess that’s why BS3 was initially chosen/taught when FCC was first launched several years ago.