First Tribute project page It's-a me

Well here goes… I probably spent way too much time on this, but here it is.

not many ppl actually “give their own style” , you definitely do :slight_smile: well done!
having bootstrap you dont really need all those basic classes like for aligning text etc they are already there , just look through bs docs to see what it can do, also choose 1 bs version

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Thank you for taking the time to look it over, and for the feedback! =D
Does it matter which bs version or is 4 just a better version than 3?

bs3 and bs4 classes are slightly different + bs 4 uses flexbox layout , here is a list of Differences Between Bootstrap 3 & 4

for a minor project without strict requirements or anything (like in this case) imo it really doesnt matter which one to choose, well if you want to be more contemporary pick bs 4, because i think bootstrap isnt going anywhere anytime soon, on the other hand fcc uses bs3 for their challenges i guess , so you might feel more comfortable about it , the bottom-line is : pick any :slight_smile: