Portfolio Project Bootstrap 3 or 4? HELP NEEDED!

Hello everyone, Im fairly new to codecamp. I started about a week ago and got all the way to my portfolio page. After being assigned the project, I began to reserch others projects and found them to be very helpfull. What I noticed was 99% of the projects ive found were done in bootstrap 3 however bootstrap 4 is out now. I decided to begin my project in 4 because it is the newest and I want to be up to date. The problem is so much has chnaged in 4 that when im learning from others in 3 the code does not work. What should I do? should I just restart with bootstrap 3 and make a page?

A couple of us over in the gitter help noticed this and put this together:

I understand how to import the old bootstrap but my question is if I should use 3 or 4? should I struggle through and figure out 4 or do 3 which is easier to me since I learned it in past coding

I am in the very beginning as you are, and I think we should learn bootstrap 4, it is vert well documented even though it might seem complicated at first, I was able to put what I want to work. It applies for every technology out there as well we should always try to learn and use the lastest version of them.

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I was under the impression bootstrap 4 was still in Alpha? I’ve been using 3.3.7 for all my development.

agreed, that why I began in 4 to challenge my self and be up to date. Could you post a link to your project. Id love to study it

it is still in alpha I think it released for firefox but no other browser, regardless it is coming and will be the new version soon enough.

True, but I do like creating projects the work…

very true, now im confused again ughh lol

I dont have the project I use bootstrap 4 on code pen unfortunately…

You should learn Bootstrap 3 and that way if you have to update legacy code later on, you’ll know it

it’s really up to you brutha… check out the differences and make your own decisions

You can check the differences between version 3 and 4 in this article from Bootstrap:
Migrating to v4 · Bootstrap