When should I begin using Bootstrap 4

I have been using Bootstrap 3 and know it pretty well. I know that Bootstrap 4 is coming and has been in alpha for quite a while now. I see that codepen defaults to BS 4, which tripped me up a bit.
Should I being learning and using 4 while doing my challenges or wait another year at least until the beta release?
Anyone using Foundation?

I used bootstrap alpha 4 on a project, and tried to upgrade to alpha 6 and everything is messed up. I would say that just stick with bootstrap 3 until after the first release.

What I like about bootstrap 4 are the utility class helpers. They are very nice. Its not much to learn bootstrap 4 so don’t feel like you need to.

Lastly, I advise you to just focus on one. These are just tools to help you work quicker, so the more experience you have with FEW tools than the better you will ultimately be. Focus on Mastery. OK?

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Thanks! This helps me also.

Thanks. I will keep my same workflow. Where I use the latest version of Bootstrap 3 and override and extend their classes to suit my project.

Bootstrap 4 will be soon the reference for the projects.
I would say that if BS3 works for you and you can have the resources available later, fine.
If not, start changing your project to BS4. There is a manual saying what are the differences. Most layouts are messed because some classes were deprecated and some changed names.

If you are starting, go for bs4. it’s stable enough for beginners.

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