Bootstrap versions

Looks like a lot of people use bootstrap. I’m learning this framework, and find out that new version don’t support old ones. There are a lot of examples that not working with bootstrap 4, even simple navbar elements are different.

So, I have a question, which version is better to start with and why?

They’re incompatible because the design is fundamentally different. Bootstrap 4 is built for newer browsers (dropping support for many older browsers).

Bootstrap 4 is still in alpha and more documentation, tutorials, components, etc exist for 3. Bootstrap 3 will also remain in use for quite a while.

I’d recommend learning 3 and learning a little about CSS / flex box / browser compatibility. Once you’re comfortable with the basics of bootstrap 3 and understand what flex box is then bootstrap 4 wont be difficult to pick up.


Bootstrap 4 is not yet stable so I think you should learn Bootstrap 3 and work on improving your CSS skills while you’re at it. Thereafter, picking up Bootstrap 4, or any other CSS framework, will be a piece of cake.

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Thank you very much!