Bootstrap which version?

Hello everyone
which version of bootstrap should I use to design a website now?
and why?

Hey optimistic,

You can get the latest stable version from Alpha versions are not advisable for production, because later changes might break your projects. If you search for something like “new bootstrap 4 features” you can find a bunch of articles and videos with rundowns.

Some major changes I heard of are improved grid (I think XS screens), dropped jQuery ( which was kind of a big deal), Sass is used instead of Less, Flexbox got introduced …

There is also an official blog where all new features get announced, and the release notes.


Thanks so much for the help, but bootstrap 4 is not compatible with internet explorer. so what should we do in that case to make it compatible with IE ?

Bootstrap 4 supports Internet Explorer 10 and 11. If you need to support older versions, Bootstrap 3 supports them. IE9 represents something like 0.05% of the browser share, so unless you need to support PCs in rural African villages, you can safely tell IE9 users to go pound sand.

In 2018, the newest version of Bootstrap has been introduced. The name of the latest version of bootstrap is “Bootstrap 4.” This version has been claimed to be a newer and more advanced version of the previous version.

A lot of changes in bootstrap 4 have been made. These changes include:

  1. Switching from pixels to root ems.
  2. Global font-size was increased from 14px to 16px.
  3. The panel, the thumbnail, and the good components were dropped in favor of cards.
  4. The Glyphicons icon font was dropped.
  5. The pager component was dropped.