Bootstrap 3 or 4?

Should i use bootstrap 3.3.7 or 4.0.0 on my Bootstrap 3 so far has been easier to work with, but it lacks certain things. For instance, <div class="row"> </div> wont work in this version. Bootstrap 4 however has these things, but its harder to use in general. Just over all its more complicated. Should i even use Bootstrap? All feed back is welcome :slight_smile:

Heres the codepen iโ€™m working on I have restarted my html and css multiple times because sometimes things just wont work and the simplest things require the most complicated code. Its not much right now, because im having trouble getting things to work. For some reason the i cant use the row feature (iโ€™m using 3.3.7)

v4 is now out of alpha and is the default version on their site, so I would use that. I think v4 is better because it uses flexbox, but if you are supporting crappy old IE browsers, then use bootstrap 3. Your problem is that rows need to be inside a container. You can only have rows if they are nested inside a container or container-fluid. Likewise, you need a row to have columns. As for using bootstrap, that is a heavily debated opinion. My take is to use it if you are already comfortable using html and css. Donโ€™t rely on bootstrap when you build sites, but if you already know how to build them, bootstrap (or another framework) is a great tool that helps speed the process up.

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Thanks so much for the feedback :slight_smile:

People are inclined to v4 of Bootstrap but they are unaware of the potential that v3 has. In order to resolve this Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4 debate, one must be fully aware of their separate functionalities.

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Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4?