First HTML Project (Tribute)


I’m starting to learn a few different programming languages as a hobby and looking to hopefully turn this interest into a career someday as I already work within the IT sector.

Was looking to see if I could potentially get some feedback on my first HTML Tribute page from some of you kind people?

A bit more specifically:

  • I feel like I should be making use of
    a lot more in my project but I’m struggling to understand the best way to split up my project using this.
  • I struggled getting the Image to center in the page and had to mess around with css margins in the time being as img-responsive didn’t seem to be working.
  • I couldn’t seem to make good use of the Bootstrap column grid system to change the position of some of the elements.
  • It may not be the most efficient way to do the tribute page, but I was trying to utilize most of the skills I had learned in the run-up to the project task.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m still very new at this and I appreciate I have a very long way to go, but any tips and pointers would be brilliant.