I need some feedbacks from my tribute webpage

check it out. https://codepen.io/jccastrillon/full/geMZvz/

thank you for your time!

Hi. Good job completing your first project!
I test the responsiveness first and the image is not behaving responsively.
The class is different between bootstrap 3 and 4.
for v3 img-responsive
for v4 img-fluid

Everything else is ok. I would maybe change the main heading to be more :sparkles:
Right now it just looks like a big hyperlink.

Looks decent. You could improve the styling quite a bit but if you’re just starting out the tribute page is fine the way it is. The first project is mainly to reinforce the HTML basics you’ve learned. I wouldn’t dwell on it too long and move on to the more complex projects.

good work I’m stuck trying to get my img to display lol