Budget App Incorrect Spend Chart

I have an image attached of my issue. As you can see, the top is what my code is producing and the bottom is what it is supposed to be producing.
Does anyone know why this is? As you can see on the left side, we deposit 900 into food, entertainment, and business. We then withdraw 100 from food, and small amounts from the other two. This would result in each having approximately 30% of the total amount, so why is what I have wrong?

Could you link to your code? Otherwise it will be very hard to help with something concrete.

I agree without the full code it will be very hard to help. But first, look at your output. Does it make sense that all categories deposited the same amount but withdrew vastly different amounts and some how your chart shows all of them 30%? I’d say take a closer look at your percentage calculations or the method in which you are displaying them.

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It’s a “spent”-chart? How exactly could 100, 30 and 10 be “roughly 30%” of anything?

I was under the impression that it was a total budget chart. You are right! I was just doing which budget had what % of the total money

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