Bug in Building Mario Database

I’m stuck on the step that tells me to " Insert another row into second_table. Fill in the id and username columns with the values 2 and 'Mario' ."

I’m sure I’m doing it correctly (see screenshot below), but every time I insert the row the CodeRoad says “‘second_table’ should have the correct row for ‘Mario’”

I’ve tried resetting the lesson, exiting the terminal, restarting CodeRoad, building the second_table back from scratch, starting it in both safari and Google Chrome and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 11.12.03 AM

Hi there, you are not connected to the correct database. (You can see in the psql terminal prompt that you are connected to the first_database).

In fact you should be doing this in the second_database

Edit: depending on how far back you have been using the wrong db, you may need to just scrap this entire course and redo it from the start. (By logging into the codeally.io dashboard and finding your specific virtual
Machine instance in their playground area then deleting it).

If you want to try to recover this course manually, you have to go backwards in the coderoad review area in order to try and determine how far back you may need to go to fix this specific db and tables.

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