Bug in Freecodecamp Challenge 'Personal Portfolio'

I think I found a bug.
The challenge is to have an element .project-title within the project section.
The Javascript that checks for this has a typo (.project-tile), as seen in the screenshot below.

After fixing my code to .section-tile I passed the challenge.
Link to code pen:

What user story tells you you need an element with a class name of project-title?

It’s not a typo. But you are not the first to think it is.

The class name isn’t great, to be honest.

the personal portfolio:


There is no user story requiring you to add a class name project-title to an element for that project.

Ah yeah, I am not a native english speaker. It is a bit confusing. Sorry for the hustle, will delete topic.

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No need to be sorry, it’s a perfectly valid observation and easy mistake to make.

I wouldn’t suggest you delete anything, you can just mark it as solved. That way your thread can help others.

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