Not passing Personal Portfolio project test - help please

Hi fellow FreeCodeCampers!

I failed to pass Personal Portfolio project test. The test says that “The projects section should contain at least one element with a class of “project-tile” to hold a project.”

There are elements with a class of “project-title” in all my project links, and I failed to find the mistake I made.

Could someone check my code please? It would be much appreciated!

Here’s the link to my project:

Hope you’re all having a great day!:slight_smile:

Hi Lucie! Everything looks fine, but it’s asking for project-tile as a class, but your elements have ‘project-class’ instead. Just make the slight name change and you should be good.

Hi Tony! Thank you so much for going through my project, I really appreciate it! I just went through all the lines again and I didn’t find any elements with ‘project-class’ as a class, all of them seem to have ‘project-title’ as a class (as required):worried:

The issue lies with your ‘project-title’ class, although nothing really wrong naming it that, but the test asks for ‘project-tile’, so basically get rid of the t in your project-title class and your test cases will pass.

Oh god, I get it now and I feel really stupid:sweat_smile: Thanks a lot, Tony!!

You’re welcome! Don’t worry, I was confused as well when I looked at it, I thought it said project-title as well :sweat_smile:

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