Personal Portfolio Failed Tests

Hi guys,

I have managed to get my portfolio to pass all tests but two. I cannot figure them out at all. I’ll provide a link, any help would be greatly appreciated.




hi RDA2812, try to add project-title class on your project section, and then add a external link like this <a href=""> supposedly it should link to a different project, but for this any link will do, like I hope this will help you.

Thank you genesis, I will give this a try. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Just let me know if it’s still not working, I’ll try help as much as I can. Try to deep in it troubleshoot, read the error problem, that will help you.

Hi genesis, I’ve managed to clear the link error however the project-title one still remains. I seem to have done it correctly, is there something I am missing?


You’re doing good, my fault I didn’t tell you where to put the project-tile class. put it below project section with the id="projects", so it will be a direct child of the section with the id="projects".

Would this be best in a div?

I added it as a div and the tests pass however now they projects aren’t aligned… Do you know a way to fix this?

Thank you genesis.


I have fixed it now Genesis apologies for the multiple posts. Thank you very much for your help.

Great, you are able to fix it :slight_smile: you’re on the right path to be a developer. Cheers to you!

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