Trouble with Personal Portfolio Project in first Certification

Hello everyone!

I’m right at the tail end of the first certification on freeCodeCamp (!!!), but am stuck on getting my projects to show up correctly on the page. It’s also not responding to my .projects-container command in the CSS box…but this could be because the URL is not working altogether.
I’m honestly not sure wha the problem is. Any help would be much appreciated!
Hoping to finish this one up and move on.

Here’s the link to what I have so far:

Thank you all in advance,

This is the code I see for your projects section - it looks like it’s rendering correctly. Based on your code, it should show an image with a caption underneath, correct?

Thank you, and yes, it does. But this is not passing the test however. I’m not sure if it’s ok to only set as a jpeg, but it may need to connect to actual site where the project is based. This is where the issue lies I believe.

Yup. The test looks for an actual link, not just an image. You have your project name on the portfolio, but if I wanted to see the project how would I do that? :slight_smile:

You mean the actual requirements? I can screenshot that for you.
Project Requirements

you have written there too, that you need at least a link

but the test suite will also say which tests are not passing and the error message can give more details

Excellent, thanks everyone for the assistance!
I ended up needing an href tag along with the src tag to make things word the way I was wanting. Just passed all the tests! Responsive Web Design Certification completed!!!

Everyone have an awesome holiday weekend,

remember to claim your cert :wink:

How do I actually claim the cert? Thanks

Hello again~!

Head to your FCC profile, click “Update my account settings”, and scroll down to the Responsive Web Design section to click “Claim Certification”. If the button is greyed out/unclickable, scroll up and verify you have accepted the Academic Honesty Policy.

Ah, perfect! Will do, thanks!