Bug in "Learn bash by building 5 bash programs" chmod steps

Hi there, I am just bringing to the attention of the lesson creators that I found a bug in lessons for “Learn bash scripting by building 5 programs”.

I’m not sure if it is for every step that instructs the user to make the file executable, but I just noticed it in the bingo.sh part and thought I would mention it here for ‘whom it may concern’ lol.

The bug is: Right after creating the bingo.sh file, the next step is to make the file executable. This should be done with “chmod +x bingo.sh”. However, I accidentally typed “chmod =x bingo.sh” (i forgot to press shift hah!).

What happens is it passes the step with the typo (=x) and goes on to the next step (which is open the file and add shebang). This is where the error comes with typing the wrong symbol in the chmod command. The file wont be able to open in the editor because of wrong permissions.

How I fixed:
I’m not very experienced with bash so I didn’t know if there was a chmod command to fix the permissions. “chmod +x bingo.sh” command does work but doesn’t fix the permissions so it can be opened in the editor. So my solution was to remove the file (rm bingo.sh) and then recreate and use the correct command with “touch bingo.sh; chmod +x bingo.sh”. after that you can add the shebang line and click the “run” button in the gitpod workspace to get the tutorial back on track.

Hope this was a useful post. Thanks fCC for everything!