Learn bash scripting by building 5 programs - stuck in level add shebang

Based on the screenshot above, I tried many times and many ways to enter the #!/bin/bash with the questionnaire.sh in the terminal but still cannot pass this level.

The hint is

Add #!/bin/bash to questionnaire.sh

Since the questionnaire.sh is in the usr/bin/bash, I entered the code as

#! usr/bin/bash questionnaire.sh

What is the correct code? Can anyone please help?

You are typing the command into the terminal but that is not where it goes.
The instructions said to add the code to the top of the —file—

That means you should edit the file you made.

Where to find the code to edit the questionnaire.sh file and how to do that because I cannot find any answer from google search.

In your screenshot the tab for the file is located to the immediate right of the coderoad tab.

The tool you are using is called vs code by the way.
It is an IDE.
So it works like any IDE and let’s you open terminals and files etc.

Oh…I found the answer already. Thanks.

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