Bug report: Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text

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This assignment is buggy and need to be fixed. (or the validation of the assignement is buggy)

It keeps telling me “Your code should move the anchor a tags from around the words “Click here” to wrap around the words “information about batteries”.”

But the archor tag is wrapped around the words “Click here for information about batteries”.

I even tried to only wrap the tag around “information about batteries” but that gave me another error message:
“Your code should move the anchor a tags from around the words “Click here” to wrap around the words “information about batteries”.”

so… someone should fix this…

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    <h1>Deep Thoughts with Master Camper Cat</h1>
    <h2>Defeating your Foe: the Red Dot is Ours!</h2>
    <p>Felines the world over have been waging war on the most persistent of foes. This red nemesis combines both cunning stealth and lightening speed. But chin up, fellow fighters, our time for victory may soon be near. 
      <a href=""> Click here for information about batteries </a>

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You are correct wrap it around “info about batteries” leave no spaces after the closing of anchor tag </a> and have it in one line, don’t break the line also place a dot after the </a>


There’s no bug. reset your code and move that a and wrap your text with it like in the following:

<a href="">information about batteries</a>

and be sure to put your closing </a> before the closing </p>.

already tried that as I wrote above… but if Sujith3021 was right!
it was the whitespace between the text and the closing tag that trigged the error.
…but as whitespace it´s not an error the validation for this assignement is flawed . (in my opinion.)

You were right - that was the issue.(thanx!) But I still think it’s a flaw in the validation. extra whitespace should not be an error…

It’s not a flaw, the test case is written in such a way that no extra characters should be used in particular a situation.

Thanks for the question and the answer too. tiny details mean a lot :slight_smile: