Bug with Javscript 1st lesson step 80

Hi everyone!

I’m french, please excuse my bad english…

I was working on the 1st lesson of the Javascript course and all was worked fine until I reach the Step 80: now I can’t “Check my code” and the preview doesn’t show anything…

Some tips ?
Thanks !!!

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Hi there! Task link, screenshot displaying your issue would be helpful. And try to pass using another browser, it may help.

Look for a vertical red line in the slider on the right. This indicates something is wrong in your code and it wont let you check it until you correct this. Move the slider down to the red line and look for the error such as an extra or missing ‘)’.

also you can press the RESET button and start the step again

Didn’t see the red dots in the slider on the right! Thank you all, problem solved.
You were so reactive… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: