Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 51

Step 51 is bugged, i cant click check your code, nothing happens. Tried chrome and firefox still happening on both, what is going on?

So now it worked and I passed, but now next step is the same, is the backend lagging or what is it? it doesnt say anything when i press check code, it doesnt say “wrong” or “correct” just nothing happens

Please check your challenge editor Console section, where you should find error of your code.


thank you for your reply, but there is nothing in the “preview” window. It is white blank page. Nothing happens when I press “check your code”

Console section works still, you’re right. But no matter what I type it wont let me pass the code. I have tried removing all browser extensions, reinstalling chrome. Tried it on firefox, didnt work either. I have no idea whats going on.

Sucks alot, this website has helped me alot and it sucks that I simply cannot use it anymore for whatever reason

what there is written in the Console?

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Here is a picture of my whole screen

you have a syntax error, the red underline in the editor and the console indicate it

As the console say, expected ",", you are missing a comma in your object

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oh man I feel so dumb, it fixed it now. Didnt know it worked that way! my apologies and i’m so glad you helped me, been stuck for days because of this :smiley: <3