Bug with position of <hr> tag

Hi, may be there is a little bug there. The

tag can not run the test even if I put it between the title and paragraph. Can you fix it, please? Have a nice day!

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Yes there’s a bug and the solution is to wrap your p with em

Ah ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :+1:

However, do not try to pass the challenge by wrapping p inside em tag cause that is wrong syntax.
Instead just skip it and ove on.

Never mind, I just changed it to pass this, but I thought that it wasn’t correct. It’s little confusing to don’t write my own code. I never use for a whole

but only for some words :))
Thanks :wink:

ok I see that I can’t use the tags directly in the text . I wanted to say that I don’t use em tag for a whole paragraph, but only for some words :slight_smile:

You can use tags directly in that but you need to use preformatted text button to do that.
one with this sign </>

I did it (longtime ago) for the sake of accomplishing the challenge.

It’s not wrong syntax, but it is bad practice.

Good luck.