Build a basic webpage where users can type text and submit and the content will still be available after refreshing the page

I am trying to build this basic HTML/CSS/JS page where anybody with the link to the page can type (via a textarea) and submit (with a click on a button) the content of the textarea to be displayed on the page. And the content will be saved and will be visible on the page by all other visitors of the page.

Can anybody help me figure this out?

Thanks in Advance

You will need to store the value of the submitted textarea element to something (a text or to a database) on a server (back-end). Then, when the page loads or reloades, the textarea will need to be populated with the value stored on the back-end. This part can be handled a few different ways. What back-end technologies do you know?

Depending on the requirements, it could be stored in the browser’s cache instead of a database.

Something like this

I don’t want the text to be saved in the texarea, but to display on the page after submission. Just like the comment section of this forum.

Other visitors to the same page would not be able to access another user’s local storage, which seems to be part of the OP’s requirement based on my interpretation of the original post.

Just noticed I need to get familiar with some back-end technologies from which I know nothing about at the moment.

Just covered more than 50% of the challenges on FCC and thought I should be able to build something like that at the moment using all the JS/HTML/CSS, Jquery Ive learned. But I guess it is not enough! :frowning:


I missed that bit of the description (requiring changes to be visible to other users). Yup. You need to update the database.

Regardless how you want to display it, you will still need to store the information passed from the textarea to the backend (file or database).

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The challenges you have covered so far are only for front-end development.

What you’ve learned so far on FCC only deals with client-side operations, meaning code that is executed in your user’s browser. What you’re looking at doing here is updating data that the website has access to. This is a server-side operation because the data must exist outside of each user’s browser.


Up to now, I just realized I was confused with the concept of front-end, back-end.

Thanks @ArielLeslie and @RandellDawson for your explanations.

Check out this video tutorial on the FCC youtube if you are really keen to put something together before you learn the backend technologies

It is for a chat app but i’m sure you could customize it to perform to your requirements and it uses Chatkit API to store/read/update/delete the messages/text posts yourself meaning you don’t have to set-up a backend and.

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