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Hello everyone!
Just finished the Survey Form project and I have a couple of questions. (link:

First of all, how can I see the data submitted? Let’s suppose I want my friends to answer the survey, do I need a domain to see the results? (Is this even possible on Codepen?)

Secondly, I wonder if there’s a way to create an input type text to only show up if the user checks the checkbox using only HTML/CSS. I looked up online and it can be done with JavaScript, but I haven’t learned that yet. So in this case the user would check “Other (please specify):”, a text box would become clickable and the value would be whatever the user types in the input field.

Question 1

  • HTML-CSS gives you the front face of the website.
  • To save the data what users put into your page and see them, you need a backend (e.g., NodeJS).
  • Then you need to link front-end HTML-CSS-JS with the backend so that it can listen to when ever an user submits form.

Question 2

  • JavaScript is the language of the browser. Since the code is running in browser you cannot stop the user from using JavaScript.
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