Build a Celestial Bodies Database Project - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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I’ve been working on the Celestial bodies database project and given two attempts at this because at some point the VM I’ve been working on, completely resets after I return to it. I lose my universe.sql file, coderoad doesn’t work, and the postgres table also ceases to exist. At this point, I am debating on quitting on this entirely because of how many bugs I’ve experienced. My work reset on the Mario database twice and once on the bash project as well. I need help as I don’t know how to recover any of my lost files. What is an alternative that is more stable than codeally’s VM?

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None as it keeps on resetting to defaults.

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database

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You can install PostgresSQL on your computer or into a Virtual Machine. Postgres offers downloads here: PostgreSQL: Downloads. That should be more stable because you control the environment.

I decided to “Start this Project” once again just now and apparently everything is back to normal. This is the first time I’m seeing everything go back to normal. I am not sure how lucky I will be next time so I am just going to download my universe.sql file and actively keep a backup on my computer. Alternatively, the PostgreSQL IDE sounds like a better idea so I may just do as you suggested. Since I wouldn’t need to work on a command line.