Build a freeCodeCamp Forum Homepage feedback please

Build a freeCodeCamp Forum Homepage


Please feedback my implementation. I had not any new idea about this project but I tried to find a better responsive solutions. Please check the project also on mobile.


Live page

Thank you,


your footer is at mid page, which makes it a bit weird, maybe you want to make sure it is always at the bottom?

Maybe I have to add minimum height to the container? Or hide the footer until not rendered the forum?

you are also not showing the most recent posts…

Can you tell me witch browser you use?
On desktop I checked with Opera, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.
On mobile I checked with Opera, Chrome and Samsung Internet.

Works fine everywhere…

I updated the style.css file added the following style:

body > div {
   min-height: 99vh;

Now the footer rendered at bottom always. Opera, firefox, Chrome displays well but on Microsoft Edge 99vh is more than we expect??? Strange…

The avatars did not rendered since a few month because the addresses has been changed by FCC.

How to fix:

Old code:

const avatar = `${users[poster.user_id].avatar.replace("{size}", "30")}`;

Replaced to:

const domain = users[poster.user_id]"https://") > -1
    ? ""
: "";
const avatar = `${domain}${users[poster.user_id].avatar.replace("{size}", "30")}`;