Portolio site - just finished final version. For now %)

Final version of my Portfolio site. Seems like I have to stop for now)))
I’d appreciate any feedbacks, thanks in advance!

Well done, it looks great.

Maybe you could give your footer (with the social icons) a bit more padding-bottom? On my screen it’s really to close to the bottom anyway.

Thanks for the feedback! Is it possible to make a printscreen for you? I’d really appreciate it, easy to understand what you mean. If not - it’s ok.

Here it is !

ohhh, I need to check it definitely! Which browser do you have? Is it on pc?
And thank you for your help

I use chrome but like I only have an 11’ laptop so maybe it’s me?

Would adding some padding-bottom to the body help?

It could, but I’m afraid that there are some issues with fixed position on footer elements. I’ll check the code and styling today and will update here