Build a Java Script Calculator With React: Wasn't easy

Hi, guys!

Sooo stuck! I’ve been resolving this challenge for more than week, I was frustrated and demotivated all this time, because I couldn’t belive that so easy task can take me for so long . But I’ve done it.:muscle:t2:
I’m asking you guys to evaluate mu super innovative calculator I’ve finished today.:sweat_smile:
And leave me some you feedback and suggestion.

Here it is:

Thanks a lot and Happy Coding, my dear Campers😉

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I think you forgot to give the link.

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Hi @Dimitrii!

I think your project looks good.

I hit a couple of road blocks when I was working on the quote machine today. But I just kept researching until I fixed the issues. I am starting to like react a little more though.

Have fun with th 25 + 5 clock!

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Hi @jwilkins.oboe!
Thanks for your attention😉
Me too! I finally starting figure out how react works, and I like it. After calculator project the 25 + 5 seams to me to be less difficult an I’m filling more comfortable coding in React.
So, practice make as stronger!:wink::muscle:t2:
P.S I also changed code editor, I switched from codpen to codesandbox, and for me it seams more comfortable tool.