React-Redux Calculator

Hello everyone,

JS Calculator finished:

Would highly appreciate any kind of feedback on it :smiley:
I find it very hard to evaluate myself.

Thank you !

Design is ok. Calculator itself doesn’t really work, but that’s ok - fully functioning calculator is not an easy task :slight_smile:

Great work,

I like it!

I couldn’t come up with a calculation, that didn’t work.

What doesn’t work?

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Let’s ask your calculator, could you come up with calculator that doesn’t work, shall we?

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Oh… this part of your calculator works :laughing:

Thanks for the valuable feedback - glad I posted this here - it has been very constructive or at least funny

Maybe you wanna take a look at this, it splits open if I type too many numbers.

On a serious note, I’m planning to do advanced coding video series and one of the episodes would be about building calculator similar to google calculator