Build a JavaScript Calculator - remove button animation on click


I’m working on the calculator App and I’m wondering how I can remove all the animation when I click on a button element? I’ve been trying a few solutions and I can’t seem to get it right.

button:active {
  border-style: outset;

Kind of worked, but there’s still some more minor effects occurring…

Is there a way to remove ALL styling from a button? Allowing me to do all the styling myself so I can avoid all of this?

I believe you could set the all property to unset to remove all browser defaults.

I’d be very careful doing this, however, as many of the styles applied to a button are important for accessibility needs.

Hmm. Ok, I won’t get into the habit of doing that then… I believe I have them removed, for the most part…
I think I have it now… Had to use vertical-align to get the spacing between buttons to work correctly. And then set a margin to 0.5, otherwise the bottom button overlapped the second last row… Probably not the correct thing to do and might give me issues later, but we’ll see!