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Hi there,

if anyone would like to checkout my landing page and give some constructive criticism feel free.

Had a bit of a headache with the nav bar but think I got there in the end. If you have any better suggestions I’d be happy to hear.

Much appreciated, thanks
Ray :slight_smile:

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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HI @raymond_clark !

I think your page looks good.

Just a couple of things.

I think your submit button should have the cursor pointer.

I would remove these styles tags and add your import to the css section.

    @import url('');

Your image is not loading.
I would look into other hosting options.

There are errors in your html and css.

Run your code through the html validator and css codepen analyzer.

Hope that helps!

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August 19

I think i’m almost there now… will finish the last bit tomorrow and run the code through html and css validator again

Thanks for the tips!

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